About Us
About Us
Revolutionising Recruitment

Due to the fast growth of the Tech, Software, Engineering and G&A industries over recent years, it became apparent that many companies would need to quickly source high-quality candidates to fit the newly available roles within their business, but had no clear direction of how to efficiently do so. With the traditional methods of recruitment not offering the level of detail that was needed, we at Recoded Recruitment saw this as an opportunity to provide companies with an innovative solution to this problem, becoming the industry specialists in embedded recruitment.

By stepping away from the traditional recruitment model, we began laying the foundations to create the most efficient way to complete the recruitment process for any company. This saw us embed ourselves within each of our client’s teams, where we were able to collaboratively work with their staff, processes, and systems, allowing for a highly detailed, streamlined approach for recruitment. This is an integral part of our process as we are able to create a fully tailored strategy to achieve success for each individual client. This approach has allowed for long term partnerships with respected industry giants such as GitHub to flourish, alongside growing new partnerships with future industry leaders who are just starting out in the world of business.

Embedded recruitment is the future of the recruitment world, becoming the ‘new’ traditional way of acquiring the best new talent for years to come.

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