What People Say

I was fortunate to work with Brett.

He made a long, arduous hiring process pleasant. Brett is hard-working, and genuine.

He takes the role of a ‘trusted advisor’ – he listens, understands, and delivers a solution.

Stephanie Rouaud, Senior VP of Software Development at Jahia

Brett was truly professional and helpful throughout our business engagement.

He is a very knowledgeable, open and amiable individual.

Brett quickly established himself as a trusted advisor that I could reach out to at any time, including evenings and weekends if needs be.

I would not hesitate recommending Brett to anyone.

Kai Hilton-Jones, Director of Solutions Engineering in EMEA for GitHub

Brett is a fantastic recruiter with great empathy and expertise.

I found his dedication as he follows through the various stages of the hiring process simply unprecedented.

Without a doubt Brett is a tremendous addition to any recruiting team.

Pierluigi Cau, Solutions Engineer at GitHub
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